Professionally Designed Papier

I am so thrilled to be sharing this post today!  Laura O’neal-Kemp is a personal friend and an AMAZING graphic artist.  She can create anything you can dream up for ANY occasion.  When my sweet baby girl was born in February, she sent this stunning card. ImageShe recently designed all the papier for a wedding and I just HAD to share with you all!       Image

Her unlimited creativity can help take a load off your busy bride to-do list and give you a beautifully unique touch as well!


Image  Image



Image Image


Image Image

Check out Laura’s website at  You can also go to her Etsy store to check out some of her adorable all-occasion cards and prints at


Think that beautiful professional papier is out reach financially?  Laura is offering a free consultation to all FBF readers!  Contact her and share your ideas and budget with her.  I have no doubt she can create the perfect design for you!



Someone’s Loss Can Be Your Gain!

I was watching the news today when a feature of a new business came up…..a company selling CANCELED weddings!  I think this is a fantastic idea!  Being a former wedding photographer I can tell you that sadly some weddings to not end up happening.  In 8 years I only had 1 cancel (and it was the day before!), so the numbers are not that high.  But, for that couple they will be out thousands of dollars.

That’s where comes in to save the day!  Not only does the unfortunate couple save a little bit of $$$, but you can save some big $$$ too!  All you are responsible paying for are the remaining balances of the original couple.  Image

Yes, you will have to be a little more flexible in your plans.  But, if you’re able to get a fabulous $25,000 wedding for cheap it’s worth a try!

The Bridal Brokerage only just opened, so there are no reviews yet.  However, if the right deal comes up I would say it’s worth it!  You can check the reputability of the vendors before purchasing.  They even have an in-house graphic designer that can whip up invitations on the fly for any short notice weddings!

Saving Tips from The Carl House’s Monika Williams

I recently got to chat with Monika Williams.  Monika not only had her own dream wedding (at the fabulous Carl House) on a budget, but she later went on to become their own wedding specialists.  She helps brides of all budgets attain their perfect day.  She was kind enough to share a few of her tips (a couple I had never even known myself).  Take it away Monika!

I am so happy I get to help! I learned a lot of things from my wedding at Carl House and I was definitely trying to stay within a certain price range. Below are some things I learned by planning my own wedding and working at Carl House!

Great ways to save money when planning a wedding.

·         Venues often have off-peak and semi-season with reduced rates, check to see what those months are, you can save hundreds or thousands.

·         I know it is risky but a lot of venues and vendors offer short booking specials. The shorter notice it is a great way for them to fill up a date and for you to get a lower rate!

·         Re-use flowers! One thing I learned from my wedding is to reuse the bridesmaids flowers as centerpieces or other places where you would like flowers.

·         Look at Sunday weddings or Saturday daytime weddings, even weekday weddings. Venues and vendors often offer special pricing during these times.

·         Do not feel that you have to invite everyone to your wedding, remember you are paying per head. Invite the people who truly mean something to you, it will be a cost saver and you will really enjoy the people there!

·         Look at all beverage options, non-alcoholic, beer and wine, full bar, specialty drinks, etc.  Bar pricing can be very expensive based on your choices. Side note: if you choose a daytime wedding, your guests usually do not expect to have alcohol served.

·         See if people offer discounts if you pay by check or cash, or even upfront.

·         Don’t waste your money on a party favor your guests will throw away. Look at something fun and yummy like a Candy Station, everyone loves this!

Carl House is an award-winning facility known for their spectacular weddings and reputation in the industry, located in Auburn, GA. Brides love Carl House for their lush gardens, spacious, elegant ballroom with a classic curved staircase, historic feel, the warm staff, exquisite food and in-house florals, PLUS affordable wedding packages all designed for a busy bride. I hope you’ll visit Carl House to experience it for yourself!