Professionally Designed Papier

I am so thrilled to be sharing this post today!  Laura O’neal-Kemp is a personal friend and an AMAZING graphic artist.  She can create anything you can dream up for ANY occasion.  When my sweet baby girl was born in February, she sent this stunning card. ImageShe recently designed all the papier for a wedding and I just HAD to share with you all!       Image

Her unlimited creativity can help take a load off your busy bride to-do list and give you a beautifully unique touch as well!


Image  Image



Image Image


Image Image

Check out Laura’s website at  You can also go to her Etsy store to check out some of her adorable all-occasion cards and prints at


Think that beautiful professional papier is out reach financially?  Laura is offering a free consultation to all FBF readers!  Contact her and share your ideas and budget with her.  I have no doubt she can create the perfect design for you!



Spring (Flowers) are in the Air!

The first tip to saving on your flowers is to go with what is in season!  Lucky for all you Spring/Summer brides there is SO many beautiful flowers in season!  The second tip I have is to go BIG.  While I love a simple arrangement of bud roses, they can be costly.  However, an arrangement of 1 or 2 large blooming flowers can be just as elegant and a lot more bang for your buck!


One of my favorites that fits this bill are hydrangeas.   Image



Peonies are also another lovely spring big blooming flower!


If your looking at a VERY tight budget.  You can’t go wrong with a simple arrangement of Baby’s Breath!  This poor flower has been treated like the ugly step-child for far too long and is finally getting some love!  No longer just a “filler” flower, you can make a breath taking arrangement for very little.


Just remember, while less can often be more….BIG can also be better 😉

Backyard Wedding Delight!

I am DELIGHTED to share this lovely backyard wedding!  Had I not been told this was someone’s back yard, I would never have known.  This bride was able to turn this into a beautiful setting to start their married life off right on an affordable budget.  Here are all her fabulous details.


Looking back through my wedding photos, I realized that there was lots of things that I did and planned myself. I’ll start with the ceremony. A friend of mine had open area at their home and allowed us to have the ceremony there. We borrowed chairs from my husband’s church and chair covers from my mother in law’s friend. We chose a simple aisle runner from Hobby Lobby. The backdrop was sheer curtains (6) that came from Walmart, hung on some poles that my husband built using supplies from Lowe’s. The aisle was decorated in arrangements that my friend let us borrow. (They own a landscaping convenient!!) We also used shepard’s hooks with mason jars hung on them. The mason jars came from Walmart, the beads and flowers came from Hobby Lobby. I wanted something elegant, but then again simple for my outdoor wedding! I had used Pinterest for a lot of these ideas and added my own touch to them. The signs were made from scrap fence boards and my mother in law painted them. Our programs doubled as a fan. I made these myself using cardstock and pop-cicle sticks. The program had our picture in a watermark with all of the wedding party and order listed. Instead of a guestbook, we got a signature frame. We found this at Kirkland’s. The bridemaids bouquet were made by me using real to life flowers, burlap, and ribbon, all from Hobby Lobby. The flower girls’ baskets were a set also from Hobby Lobby that I painted white and added ribbon to. The groomsmens’ flowers were all live, we decided these would be easier if made by a professional-lol! The ringbearers’ pillows were made from extra fabric, paint, and ribbon. My mother in law made those as well. My dress, veil, and head piece came from David’s Bridal. The music and all the equipment was supplied by a good friend of ours, this saved us a ton! He also did our music at the reception. Our reception was held at the Holiday Inn. We chose just to have cake and punch, as well as a cash bar. I did not like the typical wedding cake toppers, so we chose a set of birds! We spent the majority of our money on the photographer, who was awesome at capturing all of our favorite moment, and our honeymoon. We chose to Honeymoon in Gatlinburg, TN. Another helpful tip is to book the honeymoon early! We reserved a cabin and had it paid off before we even left! We just needed extra cash for food and activities.




Q: I know a “frugal” or “low-budget” wedding could mean different things to different people. So, what did it mean to you?

A: It meant that we could plan our wedding exactly how we wanted and save money for what we needed for us and a Honeymoon.


Q: How much was your PLANNED total?

A: $3500


Q: How much was your ACTUAL total?

A: $3700


Q: What was your biggest budget saving tip that you can share with us?

A: We made our own invitations, save the date’s, and for the bridemaid’s we used fake flowers.




Q: What resources did you find especially helpful (i.e. websites, blogs, craft stores, etc. )

A: Pinterest, Hobby Lobby, and my own ideas!



Q: What was the most important service you spent part of your budget on?

A: Photographer and prints


Q: What was your favorite moment of the day?

A: Our wedding went as planned! The set up and decorations were beautiful.


Q: What was the most challenging aspect of the wedding planning for you?

A: Getting all our ideas actually together and getting things under our budget and done on time.


Q: Is there anything you would have done differently?

A: We would have chose a different time of the wedding ceremony and maybe included a dinner.


Q: What advice would you give to a bride planning her own frugal wedding?

A: You can find deals at craft stores, bargain places, and even things other people have (things you can borrow). Give yourself plenty of time to plan! Look for sales on different items that you may need in the “off season.” Hobby Lobby was a great store to get many items for my wedding and they always had a sale on something that we needed.


Free For All: Anything that I haven’t asked that you think is important to add.

A: I personally think it is better to spend the majority of your money on a Photographer and the Honeymoon. The ceremony won’t last but maybe 20 minutes and pictures can last even longer!

Image ImageImage Image Image



All The Little Details!


Wedding Location: A friend’s back yard in our town.

Reception Location: Holiday Inn Banquet Rooms

Photographer: Sara Long of Sara Long Photography, Jonesboro, AR

Dress: David’s Bridal (I wanted a simple gown and it just so happen to be exactly what I wanted and on sale.)

Hair & Makeup: Brittany Brown of Split Endz

DJ: Cody Gentry (a great friend of ours) He took care of music for the ceremony and reception.

Florist: For the guys- Sassy Sunflower in my hometown, Manila, AR.

For me and my bridesmaids- I made our bouquets from getting supplies at Hobby Lobby.


Why I’ve Been Away

IMG_0165 copy

If you have followed my blog for a while, then you know I was on bed rest for many months with my pregnancy.  I am thrilled to say that my little miracle was born during a snow storm by emergency c-section on Feb. 11.  She is doing amazing and life is wonderful!  However, I happy to say that I am getting back to the frugal but fabulous grind!  I’ve got some great tips and real weddings coming your way very soon.




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