Love Letters

By the time of our wedding my husband and I had been together for over 7 years.  So, in a way, we were already married (we were just get the paperwork to prove it).  This summer will mark our 9 year dating anniversary.  If you have been in a long-term relationship you know it takes some work sometimes.  Work, school, kids, bills, and just life in general can bog you down.  Especially in stressful times, such as planning a wedding, you need to take the time to remember what it’s all about.  Maybe he brings you flowers out of the blue.  You surprise him with his favorite meal.

To change things up recently I made a love letter board.  I took a chalk board and covered the edges in red rose trim.  Every now and then, we will write why (especially that day) we love each other.  It’s nothing too crazy, but it’s nice to come in and see a little “love letter” after all these years.


Have a LOVEly day!

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