A Frugal Wedding for a Children’s Charity!

I love this wedding for TWO reasons: 1) it was for a TOTAL of $750  2) it was done during a charity wed-a-thon for a children’s shelter (Atlanta’s Children’s Shelter)!  Leesha is not your typical bride.  Some may cringe at the idea of finding their dress at Goodwill, but not her!  She shows us that if you have the right attitude, you can have the most memorable experience of you life on practically nothing.  Here are some of her tips and details

  • Q: I know a “frugal” or “low-budget” wedding could mean different things to different people. So, what did it mean to you?
    A: In a nutshell, just doing something that we could afford, but still making it memorable. I believe it is always possible to cut corners and save money without sacrificing the experince or quality.

    Q: How much was your PLANNED total?
    A: We didn’t really have a planned buget per say. We just got things little by little. If we had the money for it we got it, if not, we passed. We just made a goal of doing it as inexspensively as possible.

    Q: How much was your ACTUAL total?
    A: OK, I was off a little from what I told you. My total expense was about $750. However, I included things that I actually didn’t pay for myself in this total. Some of the things family members covered the expense for.

    Q: What was your biggest budget saving tip that you can share with us?
    A: Doing the Wedathon! It was the best decision we could have ever made! Our wedding and mini reception was short and sweet, but still had the feel of a more expensive, long and drawn out wedding. It was perfect for us.

    Q: What resources did you find especially helpful (i.e. websites, blogs, craft stores, etc. )
    A: Craigslist for sure! If I would have not checked there, I would have never found out about the wedathon and we probably would have been married at the courthouse with a small reception at my Mother in Laws house! I also used either Vistaprint.com or 123print.com for our invites, but I can’t remember which one it was. I also utilized the dollar store for a lot of things. Pinterest wasn’t around when I got married, but I know if it was I would have used that for a LOT of great ideas!

    Q: What was the most important service you spent part of your budget on?
    A: The proffecional photographer! I can not emphasize the importance of having a good photographer enough! Our wedding may have been very fast, but every detail was captured beautifully and we can relive our special day over and over again!

    Q: What was your favorite moment of the day?
    A: Saying “I do” to my wonderful husband and our first kiss as a married couple. Nothing else really mattered at that moment.

    Q: What was the most challenging aspect of the wedding planning for you?
    A: Just figuring out what where to have the after party since we only had a mini reception.

    Q: Is there anything you would have done differently?
    A: I would have planned a head a little better and reserched the area and our options for the after party. I would have organized it a little better. It was still wonderful though and the spur of the moment decisions keep life interesting.

    Q: What advice would you give to a bride planning her own frugal wedding?
    A: Don’t be afraid to try something less conventional, you might be pleasently suprised. Don’t go with the first thing you see or have your heart set on, always research! Ten to one you will be able to find something for a cheaper price and something you like better if you don’t jump right into the first thing you like. Always try to negotiate a better price for goods, places and services….ALWAYS! The worst thing that can happen is you get told no. Most places, in this economy are willing to negotiate a little. You never know what you can get if you don’t try! Don’t be afraid of buying things second hand. There is nothing wrong with buying things used for your special day, it wont make the day any less special. You can put your own twist on things or repurpose them into something unique. The Dollar store can be your best friend! Expensive doesn’t always mean better!

    Free For All: Anything that I haven’t asked that you think is important to add.
    A: Just keep your options and your mind open.

    All The Little Details!

    Wedding Location: Loews Hotel  http://www.loewshotels.com/Atlanta-Hotel

    Reception Location: Loews Hotel
    After Party: Front Page News Pub
    Photographer: Justin Kurtz (Kurtz Photography)  http://www.kurtzphotography.com

    Dress: Goodwill
    Hair: Fantastic Sams
    Make up: Me, myself and I
    DJ: Not sure who it was, it was provided for us
    Florist: Not sure, it was provided for us

    To see what  Wed-A-Thon is all about, check out this news coverage.  http://www.11alive.com/video/1301375493001/1/40-weddings-in-40-hours-A-look-at-Atlantas-Wedathon


    And to check out the shelter: http://www.acsatl.org

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