Saving Tips from The Carl House’s Monika Williams

I recently got to chat with Monika Williams.  Monika not only had her own dream wedding (at the fabulous Carl House) on a budget, but she later went on to become their own wedding specialists.  She helps brides of all budgets attain their perfect day.  She was kind enough to share a few of her tips (a couple I had never even known myself).  Take it away Monika!

I am so happy I get to help! I learned a lot of things from my wedding at Carl House and I was definitely trying to stay within a certain price range. Below are some things I learned by planning my own wedding and working at Carl House!

Great ways to save money when planning a wedding.

·         Venues often have off-peak and semi-season with reduced rates, check to see what those months are, you can save hundreds or thousands.

·         I know it is risky but a lot of venues and vendors offer short booking specials. The shorter notice it is a great way for them to fill up a date and for you to get a lower rate!

·         Re-use flowers! One thing I learned from my wedding is to reuse the bridesmaids flowers as centerpieces or other places where you would like flowers.

·         Look at Sunday weddings or Saturday daytime weddings, even weekday weddings. Venues and vendors often offer special pricing during these times.

·         Do not feel that you have to invite everyone to your wedding, remember you are paying per head. Invite the people who truly mean something to you, it will be a cost saver and you will really enjoy the people there!

·         Look at all beverage options, non-alcoholic, beer and wine, full bar, specialty drinks, etc.  Bar pricing can be very expensive based on your choices. Side note: if you choose a daytime wedding, your guests usually do not expect to have alcohol served.

·         See if people offer discounts if you pay by check or cash, or even upfront.

·         Don’t waste your money on a party favor your guests will throw away. Look at something fun and yummy like a Candy Station, everyone loves this!

Carl House is an award-winning facility known for their spectacular weddings and reputation in the industry, located in Auburn, GA. Brides love Carl House for their lush gardens, spacious, elegant ballroom with a classic curved staircase, historic feel, the warm staff, exquisite food and in-house florals, PLUS affordable wedding packages all designed for a busy bride. I hope you’ll visit Carl House to experience it for yourself!



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