Get The Most Bloom for Your Buck

When it comes to flowers you can quickly start talking about over $100 for just one bouquet or centerpiece.  This is where you really need to start thinking about how much you want to spend on flowers.  Do you really have to have roses everywhere?  Or could a few mixed in with other less expensive flowers be OK?  Do you have to have real flowers?  Or could very real looking silk flowers do?  Are you willing to pull up your sleeves and do a little work or get really creative?

One frugal tip here is to go BIG.  And I don’t mean a large amount of stems.  One way to maximize your budget is to use larger blooming flowers.  Such as sunflowers, hydrangeas, and peonies.  You can easily use just a few stems of these flowers and have a very full looking centerpiece or bouquet.

425159_4238476810804_539504955_n 521974_4107586738634_1512001391_n 562950_4238484651000_1799908516_n


Even using one large bloom has become fashionable these days!


Take this little BIG tip and have fun with it =)


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