Take a Break!

With any wedding, planning can be stressful.  But, you throw on a tight budget and half the time you want to rip your hair out!  When you feel the wedding monster rising inside you put it all away!  For just one day, don’t talk about wedding details, don’t look at anything related to wedding, don’t even watch a wedding related movie or show!  Go to your happy place.  Maybe you surprise your fiancee with a dinner out, making the rule that you don’t talk about anything wedding related while there.  You could meet your girlfriends for coffee and let them go on with details from their lives for a change.  A walk or a nice hike can do wonders.  An hour with a punching bag can do FAR more than you would have realized!

My favorite getaway has always been reading!  I love to pour a cup of coffee and snuggle in with a good book.  If you’re looking for something completely unexpected take a look at the book I just devoured.  From independent writer Dawn Tevy, Angels and Warriors: The Awakening.  It will definitely take your mind off all the little details driving you crazy for a little while.

Whatever works for you!  Just allow yourself that one day.  All of those annoying little details and budgets will still be waiting the next day when you a fresher look on things.



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