Kim and Jason: A Lovely Fall DIY

In October my dear friends Jason and Kim tied the knot!  Kim was up to her elbows in DIY projects for a year!  They were on a tight budget but still wanted to make it the best day of their lives.  Kim and I got to talk over some of the details to share with all you FBF lovelies out there!  Here are some of Kim’s tips.  And, of course, some photos!


Q:  I know a “frugal” or “low-budget” wedding could mean different things to different people.  So, what did it mean to you?

A:  Being realistic and knowing your limits.


Q:  How much was your PLANNED total?

A:  Take a deep breath.  No more than $5000-4000, which is still A LOT!!!!


Q:  How much was your ACTUAL total?

A:  $3500-$4000


Q:  What was your biggest budget saving tip that you can share with us?

A:  Be willing to do it yourself if you can, but know that it take up A LOT of your time and make you a bit crazy.   I recommend having a long engagement, shop sales, think outside the box, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t have too many expectations.


Q:  What resources did you find especially helpful (i.e. websites, blogs, craft stores, etc. )

A:  Pinterest definitely!!  But definitely used coupons, watched for sales, and clearance areas for:  Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Target.  Also looked other places for items such as lanterns at Kirklands.   Day after Christmas sales are awesome.  Friends who just got married, use them as resources/advice.


Q:  What was the most important service you spent part of your budget on?

A:  Most important eh?  Most expensive was food of course, but most important was dress I would have to say.  What is a wedding without a bride?


Q:  What was your favorite moment of the day?

A:   The moment I was getting ready to walk down the aisle!


Q:  What was the most challenging aspect of the wedding planning for you?

A:  All of it!  LOL!!!   Working with other people and their schedules/inputs/opinions etc.  Secondly the money.


Q:  Is there anything you would have done differently?

A:  I would have cut a few things out that really didn’t matter that would have saved us money.   I would not have taken on SO MUCH!!


Q:  What advice would you give to a bride planning her own frugal wedding?

A:  Make a flexible budget, but stay with it.  Realize you will have to spend more on a few things, but you have to decide what is important to YOU and the groom.   Unfortunately realize that wedding planning will consume a bit if you are a frugal bride, but it is SO WORTH IT!!


Free For All:  Anything that I haven’t asked that you think is important to add.

A:   Remember it’s all about what you envision and realize it’s one day (yes an important day), but one day in the big scheme of things.  If you set your boundaries with family and friends (which is hard) things will work out.  If you think for a moment you won’t have this as a concern, hahaha…. get real =)


Just to list a FEW of Kim’s DIYs:  all the decorations, the wedding wreaths, ALL the flowers (including the bouquets), the favors, the sign in book, and much more!  Feel like you could never be as DIYey as this?!  Contact her yourself!  This journey has lead her to open her OWN Etsy store!

423053_10152270487735436_50176839_n 416997_10152270448170436_360490811_n 262125_10152270490575436_1795490419_n 207620_10152270510720436_1141917011_n 182568_10152270447470436_1677436063_n 155978_10152270448860436_1883593387_n 599846_10152270461465436_870129462_n 598484_10152270480430436_295680282_n 561706_10152270451390436_1498139968_n 558813_10152270486335436_590001868_n 63736_10152270456485436_347428532_n 61278_10152270466885436_1067077126_n 46395_10152270474555436_1343274182_n 46185_10152270513700436_135573661_n 32373_10152270467510436_973767129_n 16114_10152270505255436_1022305624_n14162_10152270445975436_1093764604_n


Photography:  Samantha J. Beauchamp Photography

Ceremony Location:  Staghorn Chapel


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