A Favor That Will be Music to Your Ears

If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s (like me) you knew a guy REALLY liked you when he made a mixed tape for you ( I know I had a couple in my day!). Music is always an important part of society.  You and your fiancee no doubt have many songs that mean something special to the two of you.  You may have gone to concerts together, dances, have “your song”, etc. If you’re having trouble coming up with a favor that fits your budget and is unique this may be for you!


A few years ago I 2nd photographed a wedding for some friends of mine.  Music was a BIG part of their relationship. This is the only wedding I have attended thus far that had a Mixed CD as the favor!  It was pretty unique (and inexpensive as favors go).  And on there you actually saw the two pieces of the couple.  They picked love songs from their favorite genres and artists.  She loved country music, so Dixie Chick’s Cowboy Take Me Away on there.  He loved punk music, so he added Unwritten Law’s Hey Little Girl and the Hippo’s remake of Always There to Remind Me.  And, of course, they had classic love songs like The Way You Look Tonight and Brown Eye Girl.  They also added songs that were the theme of road trips, concerts they attended, the song she walked down the aisle to, “their song” Never Saw Blue Like That which was also their first dance, and they ended with a favorite of their group of friends, Weezer’s Only in Dreams.

Years later I still have that CD and love popping it in from time to time.  It honestly is the most fun and long lasting favor I have ever gotten!  And depending on how fancy you want to get with it you can do it on a FBF budget!  This couple just burned the CDs, put it in jewel cases, and printed an engagement photo for the cover, on the back of the “cover” they typed, cut and pasted the list of the 17 songs.



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