Sneaky Sneaky!

In a couple of weeks I will be posting about FBF bride and groom Kim and Jason!  Here’s just a couple of the photos I took at their lovely wedding (under $7000!).  Can’t wait to share all of this crafty bride’s tips and DIY projects with you!



And, of course, a photo of my hubby and me dancing the night away!  This was also our 1 year anniversary weekend!

See you all soon!


VERY Soon to Come!

Sorry guys!

I have been a bad bad blogger and haven’t been around in a few weeks!  New job, new school, house hunting, and much more have kept me super busy.  BUT, fear not.  I have a LOT coming up in the next couple of weeks!  Attending a dear friend’s Frugal but Fabulous wedding this weekend.  I will be featuring all her FANTASTIC DIY projects and tips with you when she returns from her honeymoon.  VERY excited that I will be doing a bridal re-shoot (if you read my What I Would Have Done Differently post you nkow why!) in 2 weeks!  I will have photos and a few specials to go with them =).  I’m also coordinating and shooting a FBF FALL dessert table (complete with recipes and/or best priced places to purchase).  Also, working on tips for your bouquets.  

See you all VERY soon!