DIY Lace Flower Holder and Arrangement

It’s no secret that I LOVE DIY projects and that they can save you some BIG $$$$!  Looking for something a little different to put on your tables that won’t break the budget?  Try this:

I took a plain circular paper mache container (you can use whatever shape you think would look best).  Painted it pale pink (again whatever color goes with your theme).  Waited for it to dry and then painted again.  After it dried the 2nd time,  I spread a thin layer of the Mod Podge (up to where I knew the lace would stop).  Carefully applied the lace and smoothed it out.  I then carefully applied another layer of the Mod Podge of it (more like sponging it on lightly no brushing).  Then for good measure I sprayed it with clear acrylic spray.  I’ve let it sit outside for a couple of days to see how it holds up…..and it’s perfectly intact!  The lace has not moved an inch.  

Now for the flowers I took a floral styrofoam ball and let it soak in water for a few hours.  Then I took a golf tee to puncture holes to place my stems in.  For this project I used differing shades of pink Carnations.  They are very pretty, full, and inexpensive.  However feel free to use whatever flowers you like!  You can even use silk flowers if you want to make these arrangements well ahead of time.  I alternated the blooms and filled in with the mini Carnations where needed.



There are plenty of ways to adjust this to your desired theme.  Having a jewel or peacock themed event…..try painting the mache matching colors and covering with black lace.  Having a fall theme?  Paint in varying fall colors like orange and red and use a different fabric all together maybe a gingham pattern.  Tiffany’s inspired?  Paint that traditional Tiffany blue and Mod Podge a white satin trim around with a little bow.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!

To make just this one container cost me $5 at Hobby Lobby.  The flowers were an additional $12 at my local market.  Not too shabby if you ask me!

Hope this inspired some great ideas and you have fun with it!


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