Just a quick tip I wanted to share with you folks!  I believe in being frugal in all aspects of life.  Right now while your planning your wedding try a few frugal tips with everyday stuff.  When you’re saving on your necessities you will feel more at ease with the mounting costs of the wedding!

1)  My FAVORITE new item to have in my pantry are Ziplock Fresh Produce bags!  As we all know fresh produce does not have a long shelf life.  However, these handy little bags are about doubling my fresh veggies and fruits lifetimes!  I defiantly recommend soaking your fresh veggies and fruit in a vinegar & water bath for about 15 minutes first.  This helps to get any nasty pesticides and waxes off, plus will also add in extending the lifetime of the items!  (And another tip, I personally will wash out the bags and reuse…

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