SUPER Easy Cream Cheese Mints!



This is a FAB little treat you can make for your wedding, showers, or just any celebration!  It’s super easy, cheap to make and YUMMY!  My mother made about 150 for the wedding.  Here’s all you need:

Package of Cream Cheese

Powdered Sugar

Food Color and Flavoring


Granulated Sugar

Take a package of cream cheese, knead it with powdered sugar until you get a thick consistency. You’ll know it’s thick enough when it stops sticking to your fingers as easily.  Mix in flavorings and food color of choice (we had rum, cinnamon, and almond flavored). Roll in granulated sugar and push into any mold of your choice.

You can either make this 1-3 days to the event and keep in the fridge.  Or you can freeze them up to 3-4 weeks before hand!  Mine were made the week before.  I had Rum flavored, cinnomon flavor, and almond (I think).  They were a big hit! Even though I only had 35 guests and 150 mints we had NONE left over!