Do it up!

Do it up!
Another beautiful party look!

Platform heels
$355 –

Miss Selfridge leather clutch
$50 –

Diamond post earrings
$56,500 –

Lancôme mascara
$26 –

OPI nail polish
$5.79 –

Reception Party Ideas

Reception Party Ideas
If you are like many brides you will LOVE your wedding dress.  However, after wearing it all day, through the ceremony and the start of the reception you may be ready to throw on something more comfy.  You can find many budget friendly party dresses at your local department stores and even online.  You can do a quick make-up enhancement and a new pair of shoes and now you’re ready to party the night away!

One shoulder pencil dress
£18 –

Lauren Merkin python handbag
$275 –

Roberta Chiarella sparkle jewelry
$68 –

£26 –

Frugal Flowers Flock Together

If you are in the more advanced stages of planning your wedding, you know how expensive a couple of bouquets can become!  You are often looking at an average of $100 per bridesmaid and $250+ for the bridal.  Then you have the buttoners for everyone else (usually around $10-$15 each).  To help with the sting of the cost and get the FBF Peacock look you want there are several options you can choose from.

1) Use flowers that are in season in your area.  The further away you are getting those flowers the more they will cost.  Hydrangeas are great for this spring and summer.  You have all the peacock colors to choose from: purples, greens, and blues!  Plus the blooms are larger which gives you a fuller look for less.  You can add in a FEW of the more expensive favorites such as roses, calla lilies, and orchids.


2) You can use silk flowers instead of real flowers.  Once upon a time silk flowers looked very fake and cheap.  However, today you can find some fantastic looking silk flowers that you could never tell the difference.  There are many florists who also use silk flowers and can make you a fantastic silk version of your dream bouquets for much less.  You can also seek the help of the people working in the flower department of your local craft store (such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby).  Or if you’re up to the challenge you can make them yourself in advance.

Another perk to this route is you can sell the bouquets after the wedding and recoup some of your money!

you can make a large, beautiful bouquet with these 8 stems!  Usually half off at Hobby Lobby this would only cost you about $25.

 This gives you an idea of how they would look together.  I also added 2 peacock feathers. (please forgive the image, I shot these on my phone at Hobby Lobby)

3) If you’re up to the challenge (this is what I did), you can make your own real flower bouquets. Your local warehouse clubs (Costco, Sams, BJs) will always have great deals on real flowers.  You can also buy in bulk for a great deal.  You can also buy a few peacock feathers (again these are often 50% off making them about $2 each) to add in.

IF you do this I would suggest getting some help and doing them the day before for freshness.  After you make them, place them in a vase with water and place in the fridge or a very cool place to maintain freshness.

4) I mentioned this in another blog, but it never hurts to say it again!  You can grow your own.  I have known a couple of brides who love to garden and used their own flowers for their special day.  I LOVE this idea for several reasons:  I love to garden myself, this is a much more frugal route, and it’s a much more “green” option.
5) If you’re the more non-traditional bride you could skip the flowers!  A new trend for peacock weddings are fantastic peacock fans
 This image was from this Etsy store
These are a few options that you have. Just reflect on your budget and decide where you feel the importance is.  These options can really go a long way for a variety of budgets.

hitting the beach!

hitting the beach!

Cover up swimwear
$78 –

Bandeau bathing suit
$36 –

Abercrombie & Fitch bow shoes
$48 –

Juicy couture tote bag
$105 –

Aspinal of London sun hat
$120 –

Cat eye sunglasses
$12 –