Peacock Wedding Inspired Part 2: The Look

Your “theme” doesn’t have to stop at the centerpieces.  The theme of your wedding is most often a reflection on you and your personality.  Whether it’s your favorite color, your favorite activity, era, etc.

If you’re wanting a peacock inspired wedding I would bet your not afraid to stand out a little and let your personality shine.  And color does not scare you one bit!  You can still wear your classic white dress while adding pops of color to really show off what you’re all about that day.  Think about your jewelry, shoes, and hair accessories.

peacock wedding ideas

Phase Eight wedding ball gown
£450 –

Take a look at this Etsy store for some beautiful peacock inspired jewelry for great prices.

 you add a beautiful hair clip.  You can check out Etsy for a lovely one made for you.  Or if your a crafty gal you can try and make one yourself (for less than half the price!).  Here’s a quick Youtube video to make your own.

You can also pump up the volume on your make-up.  Remember (from my other posts) that your make-up should have a little more umph than your everyday look, to counter your photographer’s flash.


 Incorporate as much color that you feel comfortable with. Whether you use all of these ideas or one.  Just remember to make it your own and have fun!

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