Pretty Maids All in a Row


I was SUPER lucky with my bridesmaids.  We only had to shop one evening and found the perfect dresses at the last store we stopped at.  It was fate!  The dresses were everything that they wanted and they met my one requirement (it had to be chocolate brown).  There were only 2 left on the clearance rack and in they were in their sizes!  They ended up spending less than $30.

For those of us who have been bridesmaids (some more than others) you know it’s not usually this easy.  My good friend got married 6 weeks before myself.  Looking for the bridesmaid dress for her wedding was an adventure to say the least.  Several hours over several days where spent scouring the stores and the internet.

Many of you may be embarking on this dreaded task.  Most modern brides have shed the idea that everyone has to wear the same (horrible) dress.  They want something that is flattering for the girl herself, something that she may actually wear again.  If you fall into this category you should still give your girls some direction.  Tell them exactly what colors you’re looking for.  Are there things you definitely want them to stay away from (i.e. patterns, lengths, fabric).  Are you going to be sharing in the cost or is it up to them?

In my case I told the girls I wanted them to wear chocolate brown and that I preferred a cocktail length (since it was a more casual wedding).  That was it.  They tried on several that day, but there was nothing that THEY felt comfortable in (which was my biggest concern) until the last dress.  They paid for their dresses that day (again less than $30!) I paid for the pashminas and necklaces (again different ones to reflect their tastes).  And they looked LOVELY!  





If you’re looking for some inspiration check out some of these great deals (all under $130):







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