I Now Pronounce You!

How much are you willing to pay someone (who probably barely knows you) to talk for about 10 minutes and end with those words?! The going rate for most officiants are anywhere from $300-$500 for 10 minutes! This is an easy way to save money. You can have someone close to you become ordained online for free to perform the ceremony.  We had a very dear friend perform our ceremony.  It made the ceremony all that more special.  He had the most wonderful things to say about us as a couple.  This made it so much more personal and memorable for us.







There are several websites you can visit to do this. Such as http://www.themonastery.org/jcontent/training/2-wedding-training/139-a-three-step-guide-to-performing-a-wedding

Most of these sites are Christian based. However, you can have the person marrying you in a non-denomination style if you wish.

Keep in mind that there are some legalities (nothing scary though):
Almost everywhere the Minister/Officiator must be at least 18 years of age. Many states only require that you be ordained and properly file the marriage license with the county after the ceremony. A few states require you to file a copy of your ordination at a government office prior to performing a ceremony. A few states require an actual congregation. Nevada requires an actual congregation in that State. New York has other additional requirements. Since every state and county has its own changing requirements, you should check with them before performing any ceremonies. It is easy enough to check with your local marriage license office so you can comply with local requirements.


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