The Proof is in the Pudding

Many of you have been a part of my quest this past year to have a beautiful wedding on a very tight budget.  Well, October 22nd came and I’m here today to tell you all the details! The fabulous and the….not quite so fabulous.  But, lets start on the positive!

We reached our goal of staying within $3300 for the entire budget!  There were definitely  times I thought I was going to pull my hair out, but we did it.  Here’s a breakdown of where we spent the moola:

Dress: Casablanca #1854 (50% off!) $400

Alterations: Included gutting the top, creating an illusion neckline, bustle, hem, ect.  $200.  Dora Baker (Lawrenceville, GA) was awesome!  I would recommend her to anyone!

Hair Clip: $2 (made myself)

Cabin Rental: for 3 nights $875

Food and Beverages: We made most of the food ourselves.  We spent about $500 on all the supplies

Cake: $25 (bought at Costco)

Beer:  also bought at Costco, $150

Decor:  bought mostly at Hobby Lobby after the season was over, $30 (that’s a great story, will give details later!)

Bridesmaids’s bouquets:  $24 (made myself)

Bridesmaids Giftbags: $50 (misc. Bath and Body Works, jewelry, and pashminas)

Groom’s Attire:  $40

Groomsmen Ties: $20 (for 2)

Groomsmen presents (pocket bottles of bourbon): $20

Flower Girl Basket: $2

Thumbprint Tree:  $.50? (made myself)

Photography:$750 (the only thing I wish I could change! more on that later though)

Wine Glasses: $30 (bought at the Dollar Store)

Flowers: $50 (bought at Costco and Publix)

Custom Cake topper: $75 (50% off!)

Coffee Mug Favors: $40 for 50 (great deal! will tell you my secret!)

And other misc. decor such as: ice tubs, candles, charms: $100

Free Items:

Pine cones (just paid for the spray paint and put the work into it)

All the chaffing dishes, desert buffet server, and lemonade dispenser!  Thanks to a great family I know.

LOVE Banner made by my maid-of-honor- Kate.

Wine:   a gift from some of our FANTASTIC friends

Glass Jars:  they were collected over time by myself and many other friends and family.  They held candles and flowers!

Below are a few images from the wedding.  The next few posts are more detail of the wedding, DIY projects, and of course, what I would change if I could go back!



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