Some of my DIY Projects

This may be obvious to say, but to keep costs down you find yourself doing many of the jobs.  If you’re a crafty person at heart this may not seem so bad.  If you are more challenged in this area you may be dreading this!  Here are some tips before you embark on a DIY wedding.

1) Know what you want.  Even if doesn’t “go together”.  It’s your wedding, your style.  If you and your fiancee love the idea of a Fairy Tail Zombiland….then do it!  You can’t start finding DIY inspired projects that you will enjoy if you’re not true to what you want your wedding to be.

2) Scour the internet and your local craft stores.  There’s plenty of things that you can pull inspiration from.  And crafty people are always excited to brainstorm on a new idea.

3) Include your friends and family.  Have little DIY parties.  You can have a few cocktails and chat while making your items.  The time will fly and it won’t feel so much like work.

Now, on to what I did.  To be honest, I wanted to beautiful fall mountain scene do most of the decorating for me.  I LOVE being outside.  Fall is my time of the year.  I could hike in the mountains for hours.  I love the colors and the crisp air.  I took all of this into consideration when I decided how to enhance the decor.

We went simple and rented a beautiful luxury cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I roped lights and fall garlands around the wrap around deck.  I also had dozens of glass jars (all different sizes and shapes) filled with candles and flowers.  I had tons of pine cones I had collected and spray painted gold scattered.  Pretty plan and simple, but that’s just me! 



I couldn’t stand the thought of drinking wine out of plastic cups.  But, I also didn’t want to rent them.  I only needed about 30.  So, I ended up at the Dollar Store!  It was perfect!   To dress them up I bought bronze fall-looking charms at Hobby Lobby and tied them around the base with Raffia.




For my favors I wanted something different. My husband and I are slightly obsessed with coffee.  So one day it dawned on me!  Personalized coffee mugs!  We can put them out with the coffee and hot chocolate.  I made great little Thank You tags that we tied around the handle of the mugs with Raffia (on one side it said Thank You on the other it said And They Lied Happily Ever After).  

The banner that hung over our ceremony was a DIY project from my dear friend (made of honor) Kate!  It was a beautiful touch.

I also made all the bouquets and flower arrangements.  For the girls I made them ahead out of silk flowers (and they looked beautiful!).  Mine and the arrangements were made of real flowers.  To be honest though, I kind of wish I had made mine out of silk ahead of time.  It would have saved me a good 30-40 minutes or so the day of and would have looked just as great!  

There was also much DIY going on in the kitchen!  I will share our menu in the next blog. Yes, we were crazy enough to cook the food too!  If you’re up to it, you can save a lot of money.  I will share some of our tips.  Below is a link to my first DIY project in the wedding process: the invitations.  They also doubled as photo Save the Dates!


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