Say Yes to the Dress….Maybe?

I don’t think there is a girl out there who hasn’t thought about what she will wear on her big day (in great detail).  Whether it’s short and fun, long and dramatic, or sundress from a local shop.  The trick is finding what you love at a price you can love!  After my first visit to the stores recently.  You may be completely surprised (like I was) by what you end up loving.  You may go in thinking I want a mermiad fit halter strap with lace detailing.  Just to try it on and think how horrible it looks!  What I suggest is going to a store and trying on several different styles.  That way you know what you love and what you want to stay away from.  If you end up finding something you do love in the shop and it’s in your price range go for it!  If not, at least you know have a game plan.  Was there a dress you liked but it was out of your price range?  Don’t despair!

Make sure you take down the info of that dress.  The designer, size, and style name/number.  You can go to sites like and  You might get lucky here.  If not, post your need on all the website blogs you are on.  Maybe you’ll find a bride who had that dress and is willing to sell it at a reasonable price.

If you can wait for a little while you may be able to snag up a sample sale.  These are typically in sizes, 6, 8, and 10. And happen when the “new line” comes out.

Feeling brave?  You can always go “Running With the Brides”!  You can save BIG on these types of sales.  You may have to camp out the night before and bring reinforcements, so be prepared!

If all else fails and you just can’t find that dress at a better price don’t feel too bad!  You can find other ways to save on the budget to stabilize it (you must have a solid plan though).  You can also sell the dress afterwards on one of the sites above and make some of that money back!  Sure, you’ll only wear the dress for a few hours one day.  But, you will have the photos forever!  You should have a dress that you will love looking at 20 years from now when you look at wedding photos with your kids.  If you don’t LOVE what you’re wearing you will feel self conscience the entire day.  Make sure you feel beautiful and the rest will take care of itself!


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