Budget Your Time

This blog is a little different today. It’s not a savings tip or a DIY project. I photographed a wedding last night and I walked away from it with one CLEAR tip.  ENJOY YOUR BIG DAY!  There were a couple things that happened that made the bride a little miserable all night.

1) She had no one with her while she was getting ready.  I know it sounds silly.  We’re grown women, we don’t need anyone there while we’re getting our make-up on.  But, trust me, when you’re nervous/excited like this it’s good to have loved ones with you (not just your vendors who you don’t know very well).  Make sure you have someone!  Wether it be one of your bridesmaids, a friend, your mother.  Someone needs to be there.  You will want opinions on your hair and your make-up, plus having those people around will help to keep you calm and share in the excitement.  They can take care of your phone calls, they can make sure you eating and drinking.

2) Make sure you eat and stay hydrated!  This wedding was supposed to take place at 6:30 and she didn’t eat all day!  As soon as the ceremony was over she had to sit down away from everyone and not take photos because she was to sick and faint.  Once the reception started she was already sick and miserable and left about 2 hours in without telling anyone. I know you may be a little anxious, but try to at least snack throughout the day.  And drink water (and maybe a little Champagne!).

3) Try to be on time!  This bride was over an hour late.  This meant she went over an hour longer without food, she only had the venue until 10 (which meant the reception was now an hour shorter), the guests were anxious, the groom was anxious.  All of this also added to the bride’s stress.  And since the reception actually closed at 11:00 instead of 10:00 they will now have a little extra tacked on to their bill.

Budget your time well that day.  It will be over before you know it!  You have spent months planning and you want to enjoy it.  Have a clear game plan with everyone in your party and family before the wedding day.  I would suggest making your made of honor your go-to person.  Obviously you are close and she knows how to make sure you stay calm and have fun!  If you feel it’s not going to be enough, you could consider a wedding planner.  Most now have a “day of service” that will save you money, but give you someone to take care of everything that day.  This could take the burden off of you and your party for the day.


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