Decor on a Dime 3: Fun!

Are you the kind of bride that looks at beautiful set up of flowers and candles and thinks “ehhhh.  Been there, done that.”  Want something DIFFERENT that will still fit into your budget?  You SO can!  First I’m going focus on one idea in particular for one of our FBF Brides who is have a “Tiffany Blue” wedding.  She was looking for something a little different that would still fit into her budget.

Of course the FIRST thing that comes to mind when you think of Tiffany is the pretty blue box!  EVERYONE knows that iconic box.  Instead of a traditional centerpiece why not make several “Tiffany Boxes”?  Personally I would make several in different shapes and sizes and wrap them in the “Tiffany blue” paper with white ribbon (this is very inexpensive, but will take some time depending on the amount of boxes you want).  For an extra bit of fun you can have stings of pearls dripping out of some boxes and scatter fake diamonds all around the table.  Add a few candles to make the diamonds really sparkle!  Want it a little more traditional?  Try having one box without the top on and have an arrangement of white flowers (still could have pearls dripping out the sides).  Or want to go a little MORE fun and non-traditional?  Have a large martini glass in the center.  Fill it with with diamonds and pearls spilling out.  Arrange some smaller “Tiffany Boxes” around the base with more diamonds and candles.

Another FUN reception theme I absolutely LOVE is a Masquerade Ball!  You can have so much fun with this and so will your guests.  And if you’re willing to put a little DIY work into it you can make it very budget friendly!  Of course the first things that come to my mind are FEATHERS and Color!  Lots of rich jewel colors such as red, gold, black, purple ect.  But, the great thing is most colors would work!  You could have simple arrangements of red roses, with a few feathers mixed in, in the center (personally I would put them in a gold container).  You could do just a tall arrangement of feathers.  At each place setting you can put a mask for each guests (doubling as favors!).  You could buy them already decorated (which will cost you a little more).  Or you can buy them plain and in bulk and make the embellishments yourself! These masks are so easy to make and can be a fun project for you and your friends.  Go to any craft store and you can get all the supplies you need.  Michaels and Hobby Lobby Have 40% off coupons almost every week (or the items you need are on sale quite often).  Want to make it even more budget friendly (and save you some DIY time)?  Have your guests make their own masks.  Hold a contest where you and your new hubby will be the judges.  This can make it a lot of fun and your guests can get really creative and have a blast!

Of course there are many more fun ideas I can come up with.  But, these 2 were at my top right now!  What theme will you have for your wedding?!


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