Decor on a Dime Seg. 2 Edible Centerpieces

Edible Arrangements?!

Looking for something a little different to put on your table that can also feed into your food costs (thus maximizing it!) are arrangements made of fresh fruits.  You can make some delicious arrangements with grapes, strawberries (and chocolate covered strawberries), and many other fruits (even veggies!)

Are you having a spring/summer wedding?  There are tons to choose from!  Bowls of fresh cherries, strawberries, chunks of pineapple, oranges wedges, peaches….  Several of these are wonderful dipped in chocolate (which is very easy to do yourself!).

A fall/winter wedding coming your way?  Make use of the abundance of apples, grapes, pears and figs!

Having an Italian feast?! You could have a basket of bread sticks as well as a couple of bottles of wine on the table.  Maybe some shakers of parmesan cheese and oregano.

Something a little more fun, and whimsical, would be to leave the center of your table empty for the dinner.  Then when dinner has ended you can have tiers of sweets delivered to each table!  You can have cookies, petit fours, chocolate covered fruits.  I even saw a wedding once who had cones of cotton candy!

Like the idea of incorporating fresh fruit (and/or veggies) but maybe don’t want your guests to eat them?  No Problem!  You can have large vases filled with water and slices of lemons, limes or oranges.  Have clear candle holders that you fill cranberries or cherries around the base of the candle.  Hollow out pumpkins or artichoke hearts and place a candle inside.

Chances are your guests will love any of these ideas you run with.  You may also be happier knowing that your lovely centerpieces (and money spent on them) won’t just be going into the trash at the end of the night!


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