Decor on a Dime Seg. 2 Edible Centerpieces

Edible Arrangements?!

Looking for something a little different to put on your table that can also feed into your food costs (thus maximizing it!) are arrangements made of fresh fruits.  You can make some delicious arrangements with grapes, strawberries (and chocolate covered strawberries), and many other fruits (even veggies!)

Are you having a spring/summer wedding?  There are tons to choose from!  Bowls of fresh cherries, strawberries, chunks of pineapple, oranges wedges, peaches….  Several of these are wonderful dipped in chocolate (which is very easy to do yourself!).

A fall/winter wedding coming your way?  Make use of the abundance of apples, grapes, pears and figs!

Having an Italian feast?! You could have a basket of bread sticks as well as a couple of bottles of wine on the table.  Maybe some shakers of parmesan cheese and oregano.

Something a little more fun, and whimsical, would be to leave the center of your table empty for the dinner.  Then when dinner has ended you can have tiers of sweets delivered to each table!  You can have cookies, petit fours, chocolate covered fruits.  I even saw a wedding once who had cones of cotton candy!

Like the idea of incorporating fresh fruit (and/or veggies) but maybe don’t want your guests to eat them?  No Problem!  You can have large vases filled with water and slices of lemons, limes or oranges.  Have clear candle holders that you fill cranberries or cherries around the base of the candle.  Hollow out pumpkins or artichoke hearts and place a candle inside.

Chances are your guests will love any of these ideas you run with.  You may also be happier knowing that your lovely centerpieces (and money spent on them) won’t just be going into the trash at the end of the night!


Decor on a Dime Segment 1: Candle Centerpieces

What’s one of the first things you think of with your wedding AFTER the dress and the perfect location?! The decor!  But, if you’re on a tight budget you may have to skimp on the decor…..or do you?  There are so many ways to maximise your small budget AND have it look beautiful! This segment is all about candle centerpieces!

A great way to maximize  a small budget but still have great table decor (and romantic ambiance) is through candle centerpieces.  You can make a gouping of several candles of varying height in the midlle and several tea-lights or votives surrounding them.  To really use the most of the canldes (and to make sure they don’t drip onto your linenes) I would suggest putting craft mirrors or candle mirrors under them.  This will reflect the light of the candles makeing their illumination even brighter.

Are you desperate to still have a floral element?  You could scatter rose petals around the table.  Or you could have tall canaster with floating candles and place on floral stem inside the water.  Intwine some ivy around the base.  For a fall or winter wedding you could put some cranberries at the bottom of the glass  canister to add a pop of color.

2 things to remember with candles: 1) your venue may have some regulations on the use of candles.  Check with them on this.  2) try to find unscented candles!  Nothing worse then trying to enjoy your chicken dinner with the scent of Ocean Mist wafting up!

Couple of great places to find some inexpensive candles are: the Dollar Store, craft stores (such as Michael’s and Hobby Lobby) and Wal-Mart.  I got all of my candles from Hobby Lobby when they were clearancing out all their fall items (80% off!).  You can also find the mirrors, and glass catonors at these stores.  These types of centerpieces should start at about $10- $20 per table (depending on the amount of candles).

Frugal NOT Cheap!

Hi There!

My name is Julia I am a photographer and have been photographing weddings for about 8 years now.  I am also now a bride to be!  Since I am also getting a house and planning for a family soon I did not want to go all out and spends thousands of dollars on one day.  So, in my quest to create a fabulous and fun wedding on a $2000 budget I have learned a LOT.  And since I know there are other brides out there just like me I created this blog along with a Facebook page.  This is a great place to also incorporate your ideas and any great DIY projects or good deals you can pass along to our fellow frugal but fabulous brides!

I hate the word cheap when it comes to weddings! What bride ever wants to hear the words “cheap” and her wedding mentioned in the same sentence?! Never!  But, a good deal we can’t pass up!  I’m hoping to help you to have a beautiful wedding on a tight budget, but not CHEAP!

First tip I will share with you is about the ever elusive “DRESS”.  The one you’ve dreamed of and dieted and sweated for.  While it really is the design center for the whole wedding can you spend $2000 on something you will wear for about 5-6 hours?  Maybe you can and maybe you can’t.  I have come across 2 GREAT sites. The first is: this site is actually a great resource to find a LOT of things for your weddings.  It’s a place where brides go to sell their items after the wedding.  From decor, dresses, shoes (I saw a FAB pair of Jimmy Cho’s on there!) and all kinds of stuff.  You can find some great deals here and after the wedding you can come back here and re-coop some of your money!

The second site I read a lot of blogs and discussion boards on “knock off dresses”.  Some were a nightmare.  But, this site got rav reviews from everyone!  And what I like is that this site shows REAL samples of their dresses (not the designers’ photos).  One plus to going with a site like this is they make the dress to your measurements.  So, no alterations (which can cost almost as much as the dress itself)!  The down side is you are putting all your faith in this company.  Be sure!

If online is not your style you can still find great deals in stores!  Look for the sales, especially when new lines come out (the old ones usually start to go on sale).  Holidays (like MLK coming up) often bring sales to the bridal stores and trunk shows are another great deal!  If you can power shop (and have some dedicated bridesmaids) you can get unbelievable deals at Filenes Basement during their famous Running of the Brides  These are just a few ideas to get you started on your frugal way down the isle!  Check back for my next blog on decor!